Author: RaeLynn Blue

Publisher: Phaze Books

Release Date: July 26, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Schooled by RaeLynn Blue is the story of Harper Perry, a hard-working teacher, who loves her job but is exhausted by the prospect of parent-teacher conference night.  She is dreading speaking to the parents of her problem child, Scott Pearson, and telling them their son is failing all of his classes.  Neither of Scott’s parents have come to a conference before and she is just hoping they will come this time to see about their son and his academic career.  Scott is intelligent and she knows with the right support and encouragement at home he could do much better in school. 

She is stunned speechless when a very sexy, very built gentleman walks up to her table.  She is instantly attracted to the wonderful specimen of man.  To her horror he turns out to be the father of problem child Scott.  She talks with Nathaniel Pearson and informs him of his son’s grades.  She explains how numerous attempts had been made to contact Scott’s mother but to no avail.  She never returns calls or comes to the school for meetings.  Harper impresses upon the Nathaniel how important it is that Scott have support from home.


Nathaniel Pearson informs Harper that he has been absent from Scott’s life for awhile but now things would be changing.  Harper can only hope he will take an active role in his son’s life.


Nathaniel Pearson has endured a fate worse than hell, being betrayed by his wife, serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, and losing his relationship with his son.  He did not need the judgment of his son’s teacher on top of everything else he had going on.  He knew Scott had problems at school but his drug addict ex had kept him the dark about a lot of Scott’s troubles.  He hoped there was time to fix this situation.  He loved his son and nothing else mattered but making things right between them.  His ex had really done a number on their relationship causing his son to hate him.  He had so much time to make up for but her constant interference was getting to him.  She didn’t really care about Scott; she just wanted to make his life hell.


However, the more meetings he had with the lovely Ms. Perry the more he found himself attracted to her.  Her caramel skin and full-figured body set his hormones off like a rocket but he knew they should keep this relationship strictly about Scott. But he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her. 

Harper was having similar issues within herself as well.  She was very attracted to Nathaniel and knew it was unprofessional to date a student’s parent, but Lord help her, she wanted him in a bad way.  The fact that he was Caucasian did not hinder her lust one little bit.  Soon the attraction between the two of them could not be snuffed out and they began to date. 


Scott’s mother, Tara, doesn’t take to kindly to the attraction she sees blooming between her ex and her son’s teacher and she does all she can to come between the budding relationship.  Tara finally tells Harper that Nathaniel did time in jail, a fact he had yet to tell Harper. Without giving him a chance to explain, Harper ripped the very heart from Nathaniel as she refused to speak to him and ended their relationship.  Nathaniel comes up with a plan to get his woman back but will it be in time to salvage the relationship?


SCHOOLED is a great story. There is great sexual chemistry between the two main characters.  You can practically feel the heat that smolders between them.  The love that blossoms between Harper and Nathaniel is quick but felt bone deep. The fact that they are an interracial couple does not cause either of them a problem and I feel that RaeLynn did a good job of portraying “colorblind” love.  You can’t help who you fall in love with.  It is also a story of wrongs being righted and being given second chances.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: natasha2

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