Scotland For Christmas
By sue Leech
Feb 3, 2015 - 6:35:47 PM

Jacob Ross U.S. Special Agent is seeking a much higher position, but to gain this position he must find things about his late father who was killed in line of duty as a police officer.

Isabel Sage is a heiress to one of Scotland's wealthy families and going to college in New York in order to take over her family's business.

Jacob is hired as Isabel's bodyguard when she leaves New York to go home to Scotland to attend her cousin's wedding.

Jacob looks at this position as a chance to get close to Isabel's uncle who is in a position to answer questions about his late father. He is going into the job as bodyguard without anyone knowing what his intentions are.

Isabel turns out to be complete opposite of what Jacob expects and feelings begin to be a big issues in their lives. A lot of hidden feelings start to show up and Jacob gets mixed feeling about the reason he took the position in the first place. He has to come clean and let Isabel know the truth.

The plot thickens as Cathryn Parry takes you on an amazing experience to Scotland and you meet the family of Isabel's and get to know the uncle she wants to do her best to please.

I really feel this book can be read anytime, not just at Christmas, as the story has a great plot and the ending is full of surprises.

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