Scottish Girls About Town
By Patti Fleishman
May 28, 2004 - 8:14:00 PM

I've giggled, wiped tears from my eyes, and wished to be part of the lives of many of the characters.  I really enjoyed myself reading the words of these marvelous Scottish authors, all women, who have bared their souls just for us. Come inside with me. Wander through the pages of this highly creative novel.  There are nineteen stories that will capture your imagination and tug at your heart.  They'll pull you deep inside their woven magic, where the wonder of living in a different country will pique your curiosity and have you wishing you were friends with all of those involved in this glorious undertaking.

Each story was fascinating and held my attention raptly.  One that I'll never forget is, IN THE GARDEN OF MRS. PINK, by Isla Dewar.  It's the story of a young girl who becomes friendly with a woman named Veronica Watts.  Her home is pink, the flowers growing in her yard are all pink, and she even drives a pink car.  Hence, our young girl has given her the name, Mrs. Pink.  Unbeknownst to the child, Mrs. Pink is a lady of the evening...and of the day.  But her warm and loving personality quickly becomes a focal point in the girl's life.  Their sharing of thoughts and life lessons is a learning experience for the child.  You'll fall in love with these characters.


Then, there is COUNTRY COOKING COUNTDOWN.  Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop laughing because it's something we'd all like to do at one time in our lives.  Trust me, please, and take a chance with reading this story.  You'll see pieces of yourself written all over the pages.  Revenge is sweet, oh yes it is, but reading about someone who managed to accomplish this is even better.  It's satisfaction at its finest.


SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW is a poignant love story.  The two main characters are of different faiths and cultures; the man is Scottish and the woman is Sudanese.  What they must endure in order to be married comes to us as a beautiful history lesson.  This story had me feeling that the author knows something about this firsthand.  It will touch a nerve.


Another story that was as highly informative as it was great reading is THE FRINGES,  Have you ever wondered just what it would be like to visit a festival that's filled with theatrical productions and music galore?  What if you were to go alone and the contacts that have been made for you turn out to be more trouble than they are worth? There are up sides and down sides...this tale will give you your fill of both. Sometimes staying in your own backyard is the safest place to be. But then again, taking chances and discovering new things is what life is all about.


The rest of the stories in this captivating novel are all worth their weight in gold, too.  There is nothing lacking and the stories have a way of getting under your skin.  Each author writes with intelligent charm. You'll become friends with those you thought were left behind, and you'll meet a group of Scottish women who will leave you with thoughts of moving across the ocean just to spend time with them.


This is the second novel that was written for a worthy cause, the first one being IRISH GIRLS ABOUT TOWN.  A portion of the proceeds collected from the sale of each book are given to Barnardo's, the United Kingdom's largest children's charity, and Women Onto Work in Scotland, which provides education and employment opportunities to disadvantaged women.

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