Screwing With Perfect

Author: Louisa Trent

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: July 19, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Kesley Richmond was a social worker. She wants to get out of the rut she is in. Kesley has worked most of her life caring about what happens to the city’s homeless children. She tries to save as many as she can but unfortunately, she loses some to the street. Kesley is getting burned out and wants to get a personal life. She dreams of having a man, a house and a family someday but she is approaching thirty and still a virgin. She has met and dated men but none appeal to her. Then she met Ted. Ted thinks she has been having a long term relationship but Kesley needs to get some experience before she does anything with Ted. She turns to her best friend Drew, whom she has known for a long time. She has heard that Drew had a lot of sexual experience and knew his way around a woman’s body. Why not go for the best and he was her best friend, so there would be no strings attracted. Right? Would she lose the friendship that they have if they have a physical relationship?  Could Kesley give up the best and only sex she has ever had? Could she be in love with Drew? Was it meant to be for Kesley and Drew?

Andrew Chandler has never thought of Kesley as a sexual partner. He always avoided talking about sex with her. When she needs help he tried to help her in any way possible but they always stay away from the sexual talk. When Kesley approaches him and asks him to show her the world of sex, he is shocked. This is a surprise for him and he does not really know what to say. Of course he would help her if that is what she wants, and from that moment on he cannot stop seeing her in a sexual light. Andrew now sees his best friend with lust and he is very possessive of her. He knows they belong together and wants her for his own. He realizes that he has loved her for a long time. Would this newfound sexual relationship mess up their long time friendship? Is she just using him? Will he be able to keep the one secret he has always kept from his friend now?


Louisa Trent has written an excellent page turner. You are dragged into the plot and the lives of the characters. Kesley and Drew are made for each other but the denial of their true feelings towards one another is portrayed excellently. The chemistry between Kesley and Drew is scorching hot. The bondage, the enjoyment of pain, will have you wanting more to read but Ms. Trent leaves it to your imagination.  SCREWING WITH PERFECT will hold your attention until the very end. The friendship that is portrayed will make you wish for one just like it. Ms. Trent, thank you for a wonderful book. I enjoyed it and will be looking for more of your books to read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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