Sealed With a Kiss
By Brooke Wills
Dec 8, 2007 - 11:52:04 AM

Molly Gifford always yearned for the perfect all American family. Instead she grew up in various boarding schools while mother trotted around the globe with her latest husband. When she discovers her “real” father, Molly decides to leave her old life behind and move closer to her paternal parent and his family. Unfortunately, that also means leaving hot, sexy Daniel Hunter behind.

Hunter can’t believe Molly has left him. Even more surprising is when she shows up on his doorstep months later, asking him for a huge favor. Apparently, her newfound father is in jail for the murder of his business partner.   Hunter can’t resist the challenge of getting an innocent man off, and maybe getting Molly out of his system once and for all.  


SEALED WITH A KISS is classic Carly Phillips.  A follow-up to her delightful CROSS MY HEART, this latest release is Hunter and Molly’s story. It is fun, fast-paced, and fulfilling. Both characters are scarred by unloving parents.   But by the end of the tale, both have learned to put the past behind them where it belongs in order to find love.   Ms. Phillips always delivers a book that is a good, spicy-sexy read, and this latest is no exception.

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