Author: Pepper St. Claire

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Seven years ago, Katie Franklin and her husband Rick were very much in love.  She could hardly wait for him to come home at the end of each day.  His touch and the passion it ignited was something she cherished.

That wonderful love is gone now. In its place are nasty remarks from Rick about her weight.  He no longer takes her in his arms and loves her when he comes home.  He calls her 'tubby' and wants to know when his dinner will be ready.  When she asks him why he won't take her, he replies, 'Go take a long look at yourself in the mirror and then ask me that.'


He asks if she wants to 'do it' when the mood strikes him.  She's become indifferent, not even wanting him to touch her.  He can't seem to understand her attitude.


Katie is the mother of a three year old and has not lost the weight she gained during her pregnancy.  At her wits end, Katie decides to take control of her weight and her life.  She carefully redistributes her household money and seeks the advice of a doctor.  Within six months, Katie has more energy than she's had in years, her house is spotless and she begins to feel much better about herself.  Rick once again notices his slim wife but she's no longer interested.  His every attempt at loving his wife is met with indifference.


Katie's friend, Irene, convinces her to go out one Friday night, just the two of them.  Rick is working and Katie' s mom has the baby for the weekend.  They go to Searchers, a club Irene frequents, but Katie feels a little out of her element.  The crowd seems a lot younger.  Katie's watching as Irene plays pool when someone taps her on the shoulder and offers to buy her a beer.  She turns and looks into the most beautiful chocolate eyes she's ever seen.


A husband who works nights and a younger man who takes interest in Katie combine to make a potentially explosive situation.  Katie finds herself falling for the younger man who proves over and over how much he wants her.  She finds herself wanting to do things sexual with Joey that she's never done before and she's beginning to resent her husband and his demands on her body.


The situation comes to a head when Rick announces that he' s passed the Captain's exam.  They will have to move to another city if he's to assume a Captain's command.  Katie feels her world start to spiral out of control when he leaves the decision up to her as to whether or not she wants to move.  Matters are made worse when Joey does not return her frantic phone calls.  Will Katie take Joey's silence as a sign that she should concentrate on her marriage and keep her family together? 


Pepper St. Claire has written a book that clearly defines the agony that so many women have gone through in their lives.  She's dealt with the verbal abuse, the infidelity and the love with a gentle hand and tells a story that, at times, rips out your heart.


SEARCHERS is a manual for every woman who has ever been at any of these cross roads.  It's also a reminder to those who've not gone there that they are, indeed, very lucky to have found the love they have.


This book is a keeper, a re-read and belongs in a prominent place on your bookshelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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