Season of Love

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Clayton Phelps is willing to do anything to be accepted by his lover’s family, even master the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa in order to make an impression on his future father in law.  Clayton knows that Roselyn’s father is not very happy with his daughter’s involvement with a white man, much less living with him.  Still, Clayton is determined to be a man that Roselyn’s father would like in his family. 

Roselyn doesn’t understand why Clayton is going to such lengths to impress her father.  SHE doesn’t even celebrate Kwanzaa so she doesn’t know why Clayton is adamant that he learns the seven principles.  Clayton won’t be talked out of his decision and so sets off on a seven day journey to show Roselyn just how much he loves and cares for her and wants to make a life and family with her forever. 


Lena Matthews never fails to deliver on her books.  SEASON OF LOVE makes you think about what a person means to you and while neither of you is perfect, you are willing to sacrifice and change yourself sometimes to make yourself better. Clayton was such a character. He loved Roselyn with every bit of himself and while he knew she loved him, he didn’t want her to have to choose between loving him and loving her family. 


SEASON OF LOVE was fabulous.  It makes you think about what is important and I couldn’t have read a better Christmas season story.  It is books like SEASON OF LOVE that make Lena Matthews an automatic read for me!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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