Season's Spankings
By Connie Spears
Feb 16, 2007 - 7:55:00 AM

Lucky Starr wanted one gift under her tree that was: one night with her aloof and inaccessible boss, Eric Payne.  Lucky tried making fatal errors on high profile accounts and still nothing could get his attention.  She tried one more time; then, Mr. Payne called her into his office and all but laid down the consequences of what her actions could have cost the company. So she apologized and said it won’t happen again.  He knew she really didn’t mean it and that made him angrier.  Lucky wanted Eric to unleash all that passion that was inside of him.  They continued to talk or rather Eric kept talking, until he finally the last straw had been pulled.  Eric stopped speaking, noticed that Lucky wasn’t paying attention, and finally dismissed her.

Lucky changed into her scandalous dress for the Christmas party and party on her best “I’m coming after you” face.  Thoughts started running through her mind: once she had him would he be just like any other man or would he be a tiger in the bed.  Groaning to herself, she let her mind take over with an erotic scene of Eric and her in his office.

Lucky found herself in a very compromising position leaning over her boss’s desk.  That’s when Eric walked in.

SEASON’S SPANKINGS by Evangeline Anderson makes the office windows fog up.  Ms. Anderson knows how to make the reader crave dominance and submission in the most unobtainable way. Every reader should have this book on their shelf.

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