Seasons Of Love

Author: Bonnie Dee

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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' Maypole Dance'-Spring

Coll went to the Maypole dance to see a young woman who he was enchanted with but found out she didn't even know he was around. He wondered into the woods to be alone when a beautiful naked woman came out of nowhere. He was stunned to find such a creature here in the woods but wasn't scared of her and her suggestions. Her name was Astacia, the keeper of the forest. Coll knows that he can not stay with Astacia but he doesn't really want to leave. Astacia wants to keep Coll but knows she must give him up sometime.

Will Coll leave Astacia to return to his world or will he find his heart belongs with Astacia? Will Astacia be able to let Coll go, knowing if she does he will never be able to return. Can these two find what they are looking for and be happy?

'Amish Paradise' - Summer    

Rachael Yoder dreamed of what other girls did at her age. But she was stuck in the Amish religion. She couldn't have the things she dreamed about. Until she met Joe Langdon, he was a very handsome man and very off limits to her. To Rachael Joe was everything that she wanted but it was impossible.  

Joe Langdon refuses to stay away from Rachael. He is attracted to her and will not take no for an answer. Can Joe and Rachael find a way to be together?  Will Rachael give up all she known to be with Joe? Can Joe give up Rachael?

'Crisp Apples'- Autumn

Kate Mears Harrington hates Alex Bowden. When they were in high school he slipped pot in her back pack and she got suspended from school and her chances to go to a college of her choice. Kate wanted revenge and set out to have her day but things changed. Suddenly she finds that she likes Alex very much. So Much that she sleeps with him. Will she be able to go through with hurting Alex or will her heart change her mind.

Alex Bowden was back in his home town. He hasn't been there since he left fifteen years before. Alex opened an art gallery across the street from a bakery and he decides he would like to meet the person who owns it. He doesn't recognize Kate, but he finds himself attracted to her. He wants more then a friendship but something is holding Kate back. Can he find out what the problem is before it is too late?

'A Lily for Christmas'- Winter

Lily has been at the Carrington plantation since she was a young girl. She remembers the Carrington brothers well. Things have changed now with the war and one brother, Alex, not returning and Jonathan returning home a broken man. He had lost his spirit to survive and Lily was very sad. She can remember playing in the fields and enjoying their first kiss in the creek. But all was gone unless she could bring Jon back from where he was hiding. She still loved him and wanted to see him alive again. Could her love for him bring him back?

Jonathan Carrington came home from the war a broken man. He had no reason to live. His brother was gone and his father had said that the wrong son was killed. Then Lily came back into his life. He remembered the day so long ago in the creek. His Rose as he called her. He let Lilly into his broken heart hoping she could help him. But could he be helped?

Bonnie Dee is a very talented author. I loved reading this book. It shows all different kinds of love and if you want something bad enough you can get it. Ms. Dee has written a winner in this book. Seasons of Love will keep you reading until the very end and wanting more with each story you read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Moon Tee

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