Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction III
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 8, 2007 - 2:26:58 PM


Leah hasn’t had the best of luck with men at Tracy’s Halloween parties and subsequently she really isn’t looking forward to this year’s bash.   Tracy’s suggestion: dress ultra sexy and find a hot guy for a night of ‘no-strings-attached sex.’   Leah’s never been good at casual sex but she decides to go along with her friend’s idea and dresses as a very naughty pussycat (sans panties) and goes on the prowl for a man dressed in a sexy costume – after all if you’re going to do kinky you have to go all the way… nothing short of a hot guy in a hot costume will do.   As luck would have it, there’s a pirate who’s more than willing to play.

Leah’s costume induced boldness really won me over with this tale.   There’s something so ‘safe’ about anonymity that I really couldn’t wait to find out how this story would turn out.




Sash has always been the picture of health.   In all her twenty five years not once has she been sick, but the closer the starship Anthon comes to the planet Lannar the worse she feels.   Something’s definitely not right but how can she know that this planet and the intriguing man she meets will play such a pivotal role in finally giving her a place to feel like she belongs.   Never mind that Kade is a shape-shifting panther, and unbeknownst to Sash; she is too.   He’s a leader amongst his kind and Sash is used to being in control at all times – will she be able to find pleasure in submitting to her mate?


I loved this story!   There’s something so primitive and innocent in the characters and situations in this story that it just captivated me.



ON HER BACK by Renee Luke

Simone Harris has had more than her fair share of heartaches – first the death of her beloved brother, and then the loss of Mami (Elijah’s grandmother) due to cancer.   Both deaths were devastating losses but Elijah is returning home from the war, injured but alive, and she’s determined to put her own pain aside and offer him her support.   It isn’t easy to put your own needs aside but what she doesn’t realize is that Elijah needs her just as much as she needs him.   He attributes his survival during his time deployed to all the lurid fantasies he’s had about her.   They both need to heal from the pain of their losses but sometimes sexual healing is so much more effective than simply talking.


Renee Luke gives readers warm fuzzy feelings with ON HER BACK.   Elijah and Simone are still reeling from their losses but they find a source of comfort in each other – and so much more.



I WAS AN ALIEN’S LOVE SLAVE by Charlene Teglia

Micki is convinced that the shocking lack of heroes is the reason she can’t write the book that she’s contracted to write.   She’s lacking inspiration!   On the verge of panicking she decides to wish upon a star.   Of course, when it comes down to it she’s still going to have to find it within herself to write the book right?   Well, maybe after a good night’s sleep courtesy of some more cold medicine – never mind that she’d just been at a bar having a drink – a sexy muse will appear to inspire her.   She gets her hero but not in the way she expects… Micki is abducted by aliens and the one called Keelan insists that she called him to her and more importantly, she’s his bondmate.  

Who hasn’t heard stories about alien abductions?   Charlene Teglia’s story will have you giggling your way through each page and longing for an alien abduction of your own.




Sunshine DeMarco isn’t your typical vampire.   She’s short, blonde haired and blue eyed, unheard of traits for a vampire.   She lives a quiet lifestyle – avoiding the excesses which so many of her peers overindulge.   Family obligations dictate that she attend a party being given in honor of a visiting European Council dignitary.   It’s the last place she wants to be but a tall, sexy vampire entices her to share a dance and then much, much more.   Will Sunshine regret her passionate encounter with a stranger?


I have to confess to always assuming vampires would be tall, dark and mysterious so I developed a special fondness for Sunshine and her gentle nature.



A MAN OF VISION by Mate Willoughby

Cristoforo isn’t looking for romance.   He simply wants a woman to be accessible for him to satisfy his lusts with between bouts of manic marble sculpting.   Hiring a mistress to be at his beck and call 24/7 seems like the perfect solution.   Neither of them anticipates the strong attachment that forms between them.   Cristoforo’s obsessive drive to complete his statue raises all sorts of questions for Delphine, but will she discover the real reason for his behavior in time to help him come to grips with his situation… or protect herself from her ever growing feelings for the man?


This is Kate Willoughby’s first published work with Ellora’s Cave and I must say I was very impressed with this storyline and captivated by the characters.  



Just when you think the Cavemen anthologies can’t get any hotter or more captivating Ellora’s Cave puts out a new addition to this series that rivals its predecessors.   As always you get some stories by favorite authors as well as some by authors you may not have read before in a wide variety of genres so there’s no shortage of fast paced storylines to entice you.   This is an anthology you’ll want to read and add to your keeper shelf.

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