Seaview Inn
By Dottie
Feb 15, 2008 - 10:08:26 AM

Hannah Matthews, a divorcee, single mom and public relations executive, is a very responsible person. She can be counted on in a time of crisis. However, it appears that she may have more crises than she can handle at the moment. It has been less than three months since her last chemo treatment for breast cancer and less than one month since her mother’s death from the same disease. Now she must return to the town she couldn’t wait to leave and try to persuade her eighty-five-year-old Grandmother Jenny to move into an assisted living community and sell Seaview Inn, the only home Grandmother Jenny has ever known. As if that were not enough, she finds that her twenty-year-old daughter, Kelsey, who is in her third year of college is pregnant, plans on quitting college and refuses to marry the father

Luke Stevens, an orthopedic surgeon, reenlisted to help the injured soldier’s in Iraq . Two weeks before he was scheduled to return home his wife filed for divorce, leaving him for his best friend/business partner. To make matters worse, just before he was to return home he was injured when a car bomb exploded - shattering his leg. He has spent the past several months in a rehab hospital in Washington . It has been twenty years since he has been to his hometown of Seaview Key. Now Seaview Inn seems like the perfect place to heal and decide what to do with his life. With the inn closed for renovations, he offers to help and is given a reservation.


When they were younger, Luke dated Hannah’s best friend. Seeing him again brings up memories of Hannah’s unrequited longing for him. Always aware that the cancer could return at any time, she is cautious about becoming romantically involved with anyone – although now it seems the feelings between them are mutual.  As Hannah’s daughter comes home and Luke brings his kids to the inn for a vacation, the two troubled families try to find some answers. Will Luke and Hannah get past their problem to build a life together?  Can Grandmother Jenny save her home? Will Kelsey finally get past her fears and give her baby two parents?


SEAVIEW INN is a very poignant and entertaining novel. The reader will find themselves rooting for the characters as they try to overcome the obstacles that life throws in their path. Ms. Woods skillfully exposes the deepest emotions of these dynamic characters allowing the reader to feel the joy, despair and fears that her characters experience. This book will steal your heart. I highly recommend SEAVIEW INN.

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