Second Chance

Author: Jane Green

Publisher: Penguin Group

Release Date: June 6, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Olivia, Holly, Saffron, Paul and Tom were best friends in high school.  When school was over, they all went their separate ways keeping in contact only occasionally.  Tom, a steadfast friend, kept in touch with each of them throughout the years.

When Tom’s sudden death occurs, all four friends immediately gather for a cherished reunion and rekindle their friendships.  Holly, an illustrator, is particularly distraught by his death since she had a crush on Tom on and off over the years.  Their friendship was very tight until each married and life in general got in the way.  Holly never lost her affection for Tom, which is why his death hits her so hard.  She copes with her emotions the best that she can.  However, her marriage is not going so well.  Happiness has eluded her marriage for many years.  She loves her children dearly, but her husband Marcus is rarely ever home, a workaholic so to speak.  Does she find a solution to her happiness?


Olivia, a manager of an animal shelter, is grief stricken over Tom’s death.  He was a very caring friend to her, offering a listening ear as she told him about her problems over the years.  Her boyfriend George left her after seven years and Tom was her anchor when life got her down.  A while before his death, Tom detected that Olivia’s social life was lacking so he told her about a friend of his who he thought was right for her.  However, she never follows through with his advice.  Now after reuniting with her best friends and reminiscing about Tom, she is eager to make a new start in her life.  She finds the phone number Tom gave her of his friend and calls him.  What happens next to Olivia is the start of many new things.


Saffron, a beautiful blonde haired actress, suffers from alcoholism and attends AA meetings for it.  Tom talked to her a lot over the years, encouraging her when she needed it.  She is very sad over the loss of Tom.  At one of the AA meetings, she discovers the love of her life.  Unfortunately, he is married and very famous.  Lucky for her, he is also besotted with her and it is the start of a very loving, romantic interlude in her life.  They are very careful to keep their personal matters hush-hush.  She hopes over time that he will divorce his famous wife and marry her.  Will she find love everlasting?


Tom and Paul stayed in touch over the years, keeping each other updated on their lives.  Tom’s death has been rough on Paul.  Sometimes he can’t believe Tom is gone.  Paul is a self-employed writer and has a beautiful wife named Anna who is going through fertility treatments.  It has been a rough two years emotionally and money is getting tight from the medical bills.  Yet Paul and his wife still hope for a child.  Will Paul and Anna’s wish to have a family come true?


Jane Green’s novel, SECOND CHANCE, is an extraordinary tale of the lives of four best friends who are reunited after many years by the heartbreaking death of a treasured friend.  Holly, Saffron, Olivia and Paul are grief stricken over their beloved friend Tom’s death.  They discover that the bonds of their friendship run very deep when they get together after twenty years.  Tom’s death makes them all evaluate the importance of their lives.  Holly makes a big decision concerning her marriage and finding joy in life again.  Saffron learns how to beat her compulsions and finds love where she least expects it.  Olivia deals with her insecurities as her life turns around in ways she never imagined.  Paul’s dreams of a family with his gorgeous wife Anna are blessed in ways they never anticipated.  Ms. Green does a lovely job of capturing love, the threads of friendship and sincerity in her novel.  I was overwhelmed by the honesty of the emotions, by the hopes and dreams of each of the characters, and the unique way she weaves Tom’s influence over all of them throughout the story.  The outcome of the novel touched me in ways I least expected and has stayed with me for a long while.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this wonderful journey of self-exploration of best friends.  You will not be disappointed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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