Second Chance Boyfriend - One Week Girlfriend Quartet
By Michele Rioli
Apr 9, 2014 - 9:40:31 AM

Dazed and confused, that is what he is. Drew Callahan is still reeling from his breakup with his girlfriend, Fable Maguire. He is dumb, dumber than a box of rocks. Why would he call it quits with Fable when she is the perfect girl for him? He isn’t worthy of her, that’s why. His counselor tells him to go out and experience life, so that the pain will fade. Yeah, right. Nothing is working. The pain still hurts. His football coach is angry and his whole team is upset, after he lets them down. At least he thinks they still are, aren’t they? Will life ever be easy? Does Fable and Drew eventually get back together?

Oh my gosh, life is so hard. Fable Maguire, pretty and whip smart, is just making ends meet. Her new job is ok, but she thinks about Drew a lot, even though she says she is over him. Life is many ‘what if’s’. If only she and Drew had more time… Well, it doesn’t matter now. It’s in the past. Actually, life blows in some surprises. Do they get their own happy ending after all?

SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND is the second book in the ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND series. It is the thrilling finale to the love story between ill-fated lovers Drew and Fable. Will they or won’t they get back together? The first book introduced us to the pair and all their problems. Ms. Murphy does an excellent job of portraying Drew’s sorrow, guilt and denial. I really felt his pain, as his life and the effects of the separation are spilled out in the pages of the book. Fable is a strong woman. Her fearlessness shines through. There is much to discover in this beautifully told story of love’s loss and rediscovery. Your heart will never be the same after reading this book. I was moved to tears a couple of times. There is a beautiful ebb and flow feel to the novel, as the author carries the reader along in the lives of Drew and Fable together along with all the quirky and nasty secondary characters. This is romantic storytelling in its most simplistic, truest form! It breaks your heart and then builds it up again. Masterful! SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND is like fine wine, smooth, mellow, daring and pure magic, but sometimes bittersweet.

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