Last Chance Rescue, Book 5: Second Chance

Author: Christy Reece

Publisher: Ballantine

Release Date: April 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Cole Mathison doesn’t know if he will ever recover all of his memories.  While some things are fuzzy and he doesn’t recognize a lot of people who seem to recognize him, he does know one thing.  The death of Keeley’s estranged husband is completely on his shoulders and not a day has gone by that Cole hasn’t thought of his part in killing an innocent man.  When he receives word that Keeley’s children have been kidnapped, nothing can stop Cole from becoming involved – not his fellow team members, not his memories, and most certainly not his conscience.  Promising Keeley that he will help her get her children back, Cole doesn’t expect to fall for Keeley – and that is the hardest part of this mission for him to handle – deceiving Keeley concerning his part in the death of her children’s father.

Keeley’s life is now a nightmare.  Who would want her children? Why now after the death of her husband?  With no one to turn to, Keeley allows Cole Mathison and his fellow team members to infiltrate her life and conduct their own investigation.  Cole Mathison, a man who has seen evil, works his way under Keeley’s radar and into her life.  She finds herself falling in love with this sexy but serious man.  Lies come back to haunt even the innocent, and when Keeley finds out exactly who and what Cole is responsible for doing, she immediately throws him out of her life.  But regrets surface until nothing matters but finding Cole and telling him exactly how she feels.


I have loved Cole Mathison since I realized who he was in RUN TO ME.  At first I was shocked at how easily he conducted himself under the influence of a madman’s drugs.  And then I realized that the ‘real’ Cole is nothing like the drugged one.  The real Cole has yearnings and fears and inadequacies that he hopes stay hidden.  The real Cole desires the one thing he knows he shouldn’t – Keeley Fairchild.  With the real kidnapper close by watching every move, and no, I didn’t guess who it was until the VERY end of SECOND CHANCE, Cole and Keeley have to grasp and hold onto every kiss, thought, and touch.  Against the odds these two characters who have suffered so much find the strength and fortitude to take a chance on the scariest emotion of all – love.


The release of LAST CHANCE, the sixth installment, is right around the corner! If you haven’t read this amazing series, I urge you to do so now by starting at the beginning with the book that made me a fan of Christy Reece, RESCUE ME.  You won’t be sorry!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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