Second Chances

Author: Sharon Sala

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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On New Years Eve, passengers at the Denver Airport are snowbound, and making the best of their situation with a festive atmosphere.   When Billie approaches a tall, dark cowboy, she is shocked at the intense attraction he ignites in her.   The two share a staggeringly intimate kiss, then the stranger disappears.  


Two and a half years later Billie accepts her friend Scott’s invitation to join a group of college friends for a week at his father’s Texas ranch.   When she arrives, she can’t believe her eyes.   Scott’s father is the handsome cowboy from the airport, a man who can make her burn with a single look.   When Matt hesitates to tell Scott they’ve met before, Billie is hurt and confused – and the confusion gets worse when Scott suddenly starts acting like a jealous boyfriend instead of a friend.


Matt can hardly believe that one of Scott’s friends is actually the woman whose kiss still haunts him years later.   But if Scott’s behavior is any indication, Billie and Scott are more than just friends, and Matt immediately backs off.   When he became a parent at age sixteen, Matt swore to give Scott everything he could – even if that means relinquishing the girl they both want.


None of them imagined how deep the passion between Billie and Matt could go if left unchecked.   Their attraction is certain and more powerful than before, despite the difference in their ages and Scott’s interference.   Billie and Matt’s relationship is also strained by the ghosts of their past; Matt’s shotgun marriage as a teen and Billie’s abuse at the hands of her father.   With seemingly insurmountable obstacles, will the two be able to find a second chance at love?


More than a decade after it was first released, this emotion filled story still shines as a touching romance by one of the genre’s favorite authors.   The classic ‘misunderstanding’ storyline is wonderfully done.   Billie’s fear of both love and rejection is heart wrenching, and Matt’s selfless love for both his son and Billie is extraordinary.   This timeless tearjerker is sure to please first time readers as well as those enjoying it a second time.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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