Second Time Around
By Briana Burress
Oct 1, 2005 - 2:24:00 AM

Quinn McCallister is stunned when his ex-wife, Lanie shows up at fund raiser he is attending to announce that the divorce papers he signed several years ago are bogas and that they are not really divorced.  She needs this divorce so she can marry Jared, her fiancé who is waiting for her back at home.  He is willing to get a quickie divorce until his controlling father Edward informs him that he has a four year old son, Zack with Lanie that he was never told about.  Edward did not think Lanie was the right woman to bear a McCallister and did not want him to know.  Quinn decides there will be no divorce and heads back to his ranch in Wyoming to claim the son and wife that are rightfully his.

Quinn is shocked to the core when he realizes that his son knows that he is his father, but has been told all these years that he was too busy with the family business to be with them.  Lanie is appalled to learn that his father would go to such lengths to keep them apart.  They agree to work at salvaging their marriage for the next three months.  If things do not work out they will go their separate ways and make custody arrangements.  She tells a very heart broken Jared of the situation and even though he does not like it, he will be patiently wait for her decision.

Lanie is shocked when she discovers that Quinn was injured so badly in the automobile accident he was in five years ago that he was in a coma for quite some time.  He has faced years of therapy and several surgeries to put his crushed body back together and her guilt is great when she realizes that she was never there to consol him when he needed her the most.  Edward was such a heartless man in his manipulations of the situation. 

She can no longer deny the feelings she has for Quinn as they finally give into the passion that has been between them all these years.  Even when she realizes that her love for him has never stopped, how can she trust that he will not abandon her again when his company needs him to go back to Chicago? 

Katherine Allred gives us a heart crushing story of the love between  Quinn and Lanie that becomes stronger THE SECOND TIME AROUND as they face the years of deceit and lies from his controlling father.  The story would not be complete without the unconditional love of little Zack and Quinn's therapist who becomes his dearest friend, Duncan.  Since this is one of the most moving stories I have had the privilege to read and review in a long time I could not resist giving it a much deserved 5 Blue Ribbon Rating.

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