Secret Contract
By Zoe Knighton
Apr 20, 2007 - 6:50:00 PM

Carly Jones has spent the last six years in prison for hacking into the CIA's computer. Her exceptional intelligence seemed to be a liability until Carly and three other inmates are recruited for a dangerous government assignment. She agrees knowing it will save her from spending anymore time in jail. Soon the challenge of it excites her as well as her handsome, muscular instructor.

Nick Tarasov is charged with the task of training and protecting the new recruits. Sparks ignite between Carly and Nick as they struggle to remain professional and not give in to their attraction as they try to find a dangerous criminal.

In SECRET CONTRACT, it was very pleasing to read about how four misfits came together to form a make-shift team and in the process learn to trust each other. The chemistry between Carly Jones and Nick Tarasov is electrifying with sexual tension. With an engaging plot, that will capture your attention until the very last page and a terrific cast of characters, SECRET CONTRACT is an excellent read.

I found SECRET CONTRACT, by Dana Marton, entertaining and suspenseful. Once I started to read, it was difficult to put it down. SECRET CONTRACT is a book worthy of curling up in a favorite chair with a Chai latte to read the stress of the day away.

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