Secret Daddy
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 15, 2013 - 11:50:08 AM

Dave Langer never imagined that secretly donating sperm so his identical twin brother, Don, and his wife can finally have the baby they desperately want would come back to haunt him.  The decision to help Don wasn’t one he took lightly but he also didn’t have the heart to deny Don’s request.  He also never expected Don and Jenny to die in a horrible car accident leaving their baby boy, Cory without parents.  Dave has no proof that he’s the child’s biological father but figures as Don’s brother he should have no trouble getting custody of Cory.  What he doesn’t know is that before Jenny died she contacted their lawyer and had her sister Cathy named as executor and guardian of Cory. 

Cathy Kassig was devastated when her sister Jenny succumbed to the injuries sustained in the car accident, however she did promise Jenny that she would legally adopt Cory – and that’s one promise she intends to keep.  Raising a child is expensive and when Cathy loses her job as an illustrator she contacts Dave hoping that he’ll agree to sell the family cabin which they jointly own so she’ll have enough money to live on until she can find another job.  The last thing she expects is for Dave to suggest she make the move from L.A. to Minnesota and live in the cabin.  There’d be no rent, she could work from home so no child care expenses, and she’d have the support of the Langer family – in theory it’s the perfect solution, but it also puts her in a tenuous situation.    


Dave knows he’s manipulating the situation but if he can’t get custody of Cory he at least wants his son to live close.  What he doesn’t count on is the intense attraction he feels for Cathy.  What’s frustrating for him is her determination to keep everything on a businesslike level – and doesn’t want to accept any help from him.  She doesn’t understand why Dave’s being so nice to her but there’s definitely an attraction between them she’s powerless to deny – until she learns the truth about Cory’s parentage. 


Edna Curry’s SECRET DADDY is an emotional rollercoaster of a story.  Every page seems to deliver a new and different element to the story that just adds to the readers’ anxiety over what will happen once Cathy finds out about Dave and Don’s deception.  I loved Cathy immediately.  She bravely agreed to adopt Cory despite her own misgivings about doing so.  Dave on the other hand, while I did feel bad for him I also felt he was extremely manipulative and might have benefited more if he’d employed just a bit of honesty.  Cathy and Dave do make a wonderful couple and obviously both love Cory so I kept my fingers crossed that they could find a way to get past their fears and hurt.

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