Secret Diaries
By Claudia McRay
Mar 1, 2005 - 8:20:00 AM

Elizabeth, Nicole's Nana, went to work as a secretary to attorney James Stevenson in 1961. She soon discovered that her new boss was also a disciplinarian. He began with smacking her hand for an infraction and progressed to hitting her on the backside with the ruler. He gave her a blank journal and told her to put her thoughts into the written word. These journals are what Nicole found in the locked box.

As Nicole reads the journals, she finds herself being drawn deeper into the D/s relationship that emerged between Elizabeth and James. She confided in her new boyfriend, Brad, that she'd found the journals. Together they began to read them and Brad told Nicole his wish was for her to become his submissive. The further they delve into her grandmother's submission, the further they go into their own parallel relationship.


Over dinner with James, they confided their relationship and its basis. James would not read the journals, he only stated that there were many more. When Nichole and Brad's relationship reached a certain point, Brad asked her to do for him what her grandmother did for James. He wants her to submit to someone else, namely James.


James introduces her another form of punishment, saying that her grandmother experienced that and more. When he leaves, he gifts them with the item. Some months later, her mother informs her that Mr. James Stevenson, Nana's boss, has passed away.


To say more would give the rest of the story away. Claire Thompson has written her best book yet, in my opinion. SECRET DIARIES is a must read. To watch Nicole sink deeper into a submission that not only parallels her grandmother but progresses into the same deep loving relationship is quite fascinating. Nana was definitely at the front of the sexual revolution of the '60's.

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