Secret Santa
By Claudette
Jan 22, 2013 - 11:03:32 AM

Senior Nurse Jo Michaels is assigned grumpy, but gorgeous, Dr Carson as the recipient of her Secret Santa gift, but has no idea what to buy him.  Dr Carson keeps to himself so he isn’t someone that Jo knows particularly well.  Uninspired with gift ideas and with an unexpected emergency in the ER, Jo ends up leaving it too late to buy him a gift.  Then Jo seizes the brilliant idea of giving him a Christmas kiss as a gift, and sparks an unimagined chain of events.

Dr Andrew Carson never considered that shy Nurse Jo would ever have the confidence to ask for a kiss.  Whatever the reason behind it, Dr Carson isn’t one to waste opportunities to get close to someone who has been his own private obsession for some time.

Unfortunately for Drew and Jo; Jo has a stalker, one who won’t allow her to be happy or have any man but him in her life.

I’ve only read Ms Carter’s paranormal romances, but this contemporary seasonal novella is the perfect marriage of Christmas magic and the promise of a new beginning for two lonely people.  I will definitely re-read this, and not just during the Christmas season.

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