Sexy Secret Santa
By Natasha Smith
Feb 1, 2009 - 7:48:16 PM

As much as she wants to admit that the secret Santa celebration her friend has made her take part in isn’t fun, Molly Zaworski is unable to.  Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Molly isn’t looking forward to being alone for Christmas.  She knows exactly what a woman of her body type can look forward to and so is resigned to being alone.  The only bright spot in her otherwise icky week is the person who keeps giving her naughty gifts.  Anxious to know who her secret admirer is, Molly finds herself actually looking forward to the holidays and the secret Santa ‘reveal’ party at the end of the week. 

Josh Bachman, one of the owners of the company, has wanted Molly for months.  Unwilling to disrupt her relationship, he is happy to find out that she is no longer involved.  Since he is her boss, the relationship he envisions with her will be tricky – but he is adamant.  Molly is the woman he wants and he is going to get her. 


There is nothing I love better than a man that goes after what he wants despite the forces working against them.  Josh Bachman is that type of man.  Knowing that he is Molly’s boss doesn’t stop him and he proceeds to show her exactly how he feels about her.  Each gift that Josh gave Molly was thought out and thoroughly for her pleasure; as well as his.  He made me shiver!


SEXY SECRET SANTA is sexy with a capital S.  Liz Andrews definitely knows how to write love stories with just the right added “umph” factor that I love.  Playfully naughty and sinfully sexy, SEXY SECRET SANTA is a great holiday story!

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