Secret Thoughts II: Lustful
By Amanda Haffery
Mar 21, 2008 - 2:52:31 AM

THE CABLE GUY by Beth Williamson


While Lydia is on the phone with the cable guy, giving him directions to her home, she finds herself extremely turned on by just his voice. When he arrives, she is shocked to discover that he is ten years younger than her. That's not stopping her from flirting with him and being flirted with in return. When flirting turns into an evening of exquisite pleasure, both will be very happy that the cable guy made an appearance.


THE CABLE GUY was so much fun! I loved the age difference aspect to it. It made me realize that sometimes an older woman can still snag that young, sexy guy. I really enjoyed how blatant Lydia was about her attraction. She made it very clear that she was interested. The sex, when it happens, took my breath away.

MAN HO by Laura Bacchi


When Josh's boyfriend, Devon, convinces him to dress up as a pirate for a festival, Josh figures what the hell. Josh has no idea that Devon has major plans for their relationship during the festival. Josh always had a fantasy of another man pleasuring while he watched but Devon always seemed to balk at the idea. When both men are dragged to a pirate's ship, Josh has no idea what will be waiting in store for him and his lover!


MAN HO is exquisite. I love boy on boy action and Laura Bacchi just brought all my fantasies to life. Who couldn't get into a Johnny Depp fantasy come true? Josh and Devon totally burned up these pages. Even though Josh was kind of on the sidelines during Devon's pleasure, he wasn't really missing out. His fantasy was becoming a reality which brought him just as much pleasure. This is my first story by Laura Bacchi but it definitely isn't going to be my last!


CONNECTION by Sasha White


Elise usually doesn't take customers up on their offers to seduce her. All of that changes, however, when Carter shows up in the club she works at as a go-go dancer. There's something about this guy that just revs her engine. She wants him and he has no qualms about reciprocating. What Elise doesn't understand is that deep down, she likes to be dominated. A little spanking definitely does it for her and Carter just happens to be the right man for the job!


CONNECTION, by Sasha White, is titillating, exotic and so damn erotic it made my teeth sweat! I loved the sexy thrill these characters brought to the story. Elise is discovering a new aspect to her sexuality while Carter has found a woman he can be himself with. I really enjoyed the sense of a happily ever after for these characters.




SHADOWS BLENDING is a unique story in which neither character is ever named.  A woman has arrived in a room, awaiting pleasure such as she has never known before. The man sends her to heights of ecstasy with not just his words, but the way he controls his touch. He knows just what buttons to push to drive her over the edge. He makes her beg for it, knowing that it will enhance her experience.


I loved the feel of two strangers meeting for the first time just to experience anonymous pleasure. This was a very original road to take for an erotica story and my mouth was watering from beginning to end. S. Desires is monumentally talented and I have become addicted. SHADOWS BLENDING is an enticing blend of intrigue, erotica and a sense of romance.


THE BRIDGE by J.J. Massa


Joclyn has had a fantasy for a long time. However, having it come true is another matter. She's always wanted to stand on a bridge, overlooking the boats, with people all around her. She wants a stranger to come behind her, gently lift her skirt and carry her away to heights of ecstasy unlike anything she's ever known—all without being caught, of course. When her instant messaging friend, Thom, agrees to bring her fantasy to life, Joclyn realizes all her dreams are about to come true!


Sex in public has never been so exotic. THE BRIDGE by J.J. Massa truly made me tingle in all the right places. I really loved Joclyn's fantasy, as I can relate. Sex in public, I think, is a lot of people's fantasies, and J.J. Massa did a superb job of making the setting, the characters, and their sexual adventure seem completely real. I'm a big fan of J.J. Massa's and I think this is probably my favorite story ever!




We delve into another story where the characters are nameless but their passion is strong enough to more than carry the storyline. A woman and a man are in a hotel room. He is blindfolded and she is in control. It is her fantasy to have him completely at her will. She controls the touch, the taste and the pace that they move at. He gets to sit back and enjoy the ride.


TEASING THE SENSES is exquisite. This is truly a story of undeniable passion between two lovers. The senses are awakened and sex takes on a whole new meaning for both the characters and the reader. I really love the anonymity of S. Desires characters. I am not any less drawn into the story because of it. In fact, I find myself more absorbed by the actual storyline. This was a very passionate story and I think it will definitely tease the reader's senses!


DOUBLE TROUBLE by Laura Bacchi


Mindy is on the run. That's not stopping her from engaging in one of her all time greatest fantasies though. She has been obsessed with having sex with identical twins for as long as she can remember. When she's sitting in a bar and discovers a set of them checking her out, she almost orgasms right then and there. When they make their interest known, Mindy is all for making her fantasy reality. Mindy may have to pay with more than her body though, when she realizes these boys are more than just a set of sexy bodies!


DOUBLE TROUBLE by Laura Bacchi was smokin' hot! I was unable to tear my eyes away from the pages for even a heartbeat. I honestly think this was the most sinfully delicious story I have ever read. I never knew sex with twins could be so arousing. There is an air of danger throughout this story too. Mindy is on the run from something and the twins have something up their sleeve. All that can wait though, until the sex is done!




"Mr. Miller" is a student crashing Professor Heade's class. He's not actually a student in the course, but he can't get enough of the hot professor's voice. He is crazily attracted to him! When the professor gave him a note to come to his office, Miller is sure he's in a world of trouble for showing up in the class. What he doesn't expect is to be completely and sinfully dominated by the man of his dreams!


AFTER CLASS is exquisite! We've all fantasized about a hot teacher at one time or another. J.J. Massa takes it one step further and makes it a reality. Only this time, it's not your regular male on female fantasy— it's male on male. This was such a wonderful treat! I loved the titillating details during this story. I actually felt like I was a fly on the wall in the office. If you love male on male action, definitely read AFTER CLASS. It is erotica at its best!



THE WEDDING GIFT by Beth Williamson


While Veronica is working the wedding gift table at the inn she runs, she notices a very delectable man from the wedding party. She sure doesn’t expect him to notice her, however. When he approaches her and tells her he's heard about her from a friend, she is taken aback. Just what she needs—rumors about her sexual exploits with losers running through the town. However, he doesn’t have any intention of making her do any work. Instead, he crawls under the table and proceeds to bring her to knee crumbling pleasure!


THE WEDDING GIFT by Beth Williamson was great fun! I really enjoyed the fact that Veronica just got to stand there while some strange man went down on her. I think this is every woman's fantasy…to just have a man do all the work while we just enjoy it. I know it never really happens, but heck, that's why it's a fantasy right?




As a woman lays bound to the bed by velvet straps, her lover ignites passion in her that tears her world apart. He knows her better than she knows herself and gives her exactly what she needs. She is bound to him, not by force, but of her own free will. She wants what only her master can give to her and she'll never give him up.


This was a very passionate story. Although no names are mentioned, I felt completely connected to both characters. The master, a man who knows just what his sub needs, really made me realize the pleasure in this kind of sex play. The sub, a woman whose passion craves her master's touch, will give up her heart to him just to get what she needs. Although nothing is actually said straight out about a happily ever after, I truly could feel the connection between these two. This is definitely a couple who belongs together! PRIVATE PLEASURE is a look into a BD/SM couple and all their glory together.


Everything about SECRET THOUGHTS II: LUSTFUL is exquisite. Combined with realistic fantasies and the writings of today's hottest erotica authors, this was a collection I could not put down! I was immersed from the very first story and there wasn't a single drawback to any of them. The characters and situations were completely believable, the sex was fantastic and each story left me feeling like everyone was happy! How much better can a collection of erotic stories get? This is, without a doubt, a collection of stories I'm going to re-read over and over again!


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