Secrets Volume 14
By Angel
Dec 15, 2005 - 11:58:00 PM

In TEMPTATION IN TIME by Alexa Aames, Ariana who is from the Middle Ages decides she wants the freedom of the 21st century and steals a kiss from the wizard Marcus de Gray.  The last thing she expects is for him to show up to take her back and demand a sensual retribution for the kiss she took.

TEMPTATION IN TIME is wonderful roam through time and one woman's fight for independence.  Marcus is a sensual sorcerer who is out for revenge, but may find something more in the process.  The love scenes are steamy and the chemistry is non-stop.  Alexa Aames has done an excellent job of weaving a magical tale reader's won't soon forget.


NIGHT HEAT by Leigh Wyndfield introduces the courageous Rip Bowhite who has been sentenced to an off world prison, but after enough of the horrible living conditions leads a revolt.  He along with many other prisoners and some staff, including a healer named Jemma become stranded on the planet along with vicious raptors.  It's a fight to see who will survive?

NIGHT HEAT is action and adventure along with a blast back to the prehistoric past.  The story has everything, romance, passion, action, adventure and ravenous raptors waiting to kill the people trapped on their planet.  Rip is sexy and with an alpha attitude, while Jemma is his perfect match.  The love scenes are passionate with a certain desperation that will have readers turning the pages to see what happens next.  Leigh Wyndfield has penned a story that will take readers back in time and keep them on the edge of their seats.

AILIS AND THE BEAST by Jennifer Barlow brings us Ailis who is sacrificing herself for the safety of her village to the beast that lives in the woods, but after encountering the beast she learns this is no ordinary creature.  There is a man in the form that everyone fears and it is up to her to show him he is more than just a beast.

AILIS AND THE BEAST is a new twist on the traditional Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.  Ailis is a very special woman who tries to see past the rough exterior to the man within.  The Beast is the tortured soul who has to suffer this horrible existence alone, but may find love in an unlikely ally.  Jennifer Barlow has done a fantastic job retelling this fairy tale with her own twist.



In SOUL KISSES by Angela Knight, Beth Chase has learned to deal with vampires, after all her sister married and became one.  However, when an evil one kidnaps her, she thinks she has no chance.  Then Morgan and Garret Axton shows up to save the day and the only way to truly ensure her safety from the evil one is to make her their own.  Beth is about to embark on an erotic adventure with not one but two extraordinary lovers.

SOUL KISSES is an awesome vampire tale that introduces us to two very sensual brothers.  Morgan and Garret are sexy and absolutely incredible, they set out to keep Beth save and will do it at all costs.  Beth is the very lucky woman who has two men ready to attend her every need and desire.  Angela Knight is known for her vampire tales of adventure and passion and SOUL KISSES is another keeper.

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