Secrets Volume 16

Author: Cynthia Eden, Sheri Gilmore, Chevon Gael & Charlotte Featherstone

Publisher: Red Sage

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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NEVER ENOUGH by Cynthia Eden

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


Jake and Abby have had a satisfying relationship up until now, and then all of a sudden, Abby wants to call it quits.  Abby is giving him the cold shoulder and he can’t understand why.  Jake won’t let her go without a fight though, and he will do whatever it takes to make her see that she belongs with him.


NEVER ENOUGH is a contest of wills between the lead characters.  Jake is determined not to give Abby up even though she’s ready to end things.  Abby on the other hand is just as determined to end the relationship no matter what Jake says.  Love scenes are fraught with tension and danger.  Jake uses his powers of seduction to make Abby submit and admit that she loves him.  In this battle of wills, who will come out the victor?

BUNKO by Sheri Gilmore

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Tu is having a problem with her boss at work, it seems she can’t do anything right.  What she doesn’t know is that he would like more than just a working relationship and when things heat up, Tu is right in the middle of the heat.  Is Jack only interested in a physical relationship, or is it just wishful thinking?


BUNKO is hotter than hot and the spice between Jake and Tu is definitely scorching.  Of course there is plenty to keep the reader turning the pages, like weather or not Jake is really committed or is he just playing around with Tu’s emotions.  Then when Tu takes it upon herself to try and find someone else, wow, the heat really gets turned on and Tu find’s herself pulled between two very sexy men.  Sheri Gilmore has penned a great story that holds readers captive until the very end.


HIDE AND SEEK by Chevon Gael

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Kyle is used to seeing half naked women parading around the beach in front of his eyes and offering more than he sees.  However, when he meets Darcy she’s not like the other women he has met, and he certainly wants to get to know her better.  What’s a sexy woman like her doing alone in a tropical paradise and is she up for a little fun in the sun with him?


This contemporary tale has everything, tropical oasis, sandy beaches and plenty of sun.  It’s every woman’s dream vacation and Kyle completes the picture of the sexy hunk.  There is more to Darcy than meets the eye and her shyness is refreshing, especially to Kyle.  Together they set out to find a little island passion and turn up the heat a few degrees in the process.  The characters are wonderful and the plot is an oldie but goodie.


SECDUCTION OF THE MUSE by Charlotte Featherstone

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Emily is everything a proper young woman should be, but underneath her civilized veneer, lurks the passion of a woman just waiting to get out.  Aiden has wanted Emily for the longest time and he will stop at nothing to have the beauty in his bed.  Aiden wants to be the one who introduces Emily to the pleasures of the flesh; will she give in to her desires?


SEDUCTION OF THE MUSE is a historical story that will titillate and stun the senses.  Aiden is the typical rogue who will stop at nothing to get his woman.  Emily resists with everything she has, but against Aiden it doesn’t take long for her to realize he’s the man she wants.  This couple takes you on a merry go round of sensuality that never ends.  Charlotte Featherstone knows how to create a tale that takes you back in time and leaves you breathless.


SECRETS VOLUME 16 continues the series of book dubbed the best in women’s erotic fiction and reading these sexy stories we can certainly see why.  I can’t wait to see what sizzling tales the next volume will bring.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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