Secrets Volume 4

Author: Anthology by Jeanie Cesarini, Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Betsy Morgan & Susan Paul

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

Release Date: December 1,1998

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4 Ribbons

Format: PRINT

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A world-renowned actress, unable to act her way through love scenes. A Lady of England, married to a rich nobleman. A woman karate expert hired as a bodyguard. A princess in a mythical land forced to choose three male slaves. What do they all have in common? They're all the heroines of four wonderfully erotic stories in SECRETS VOLUME 4.

In AN ACT OF LOVE, Shelby Moran's bitter past has come back to haunt her. Mistakes made in her youth have made her unable to act her way through love scenes, which is a must for an actress like herself. Her director, however, has a solution. He'll hire Jason Gage, one time film star and man about town, now a self-made hermit, to coach Shelby through her love scenes. But what will happen when this coach decides that acting isn't enough? Will the love, and desire, that sparks between them be enough to last off the big screen?

Lady Crystal Halverton has no problem with her passions. In ENSLAVED, her only problem is loving two men; one her husband, whom she fears she is losing because of her inability to bear a child, the other her husband's best friend, the man she must ask to impregnate her. What do you do when your husband asks for the ultimate of sacrifices? Even more, what do you do when you learn that the sacrifice isn't hard to bear at all? Passion abounds, and love wins out, but heartache must always come first.

Kaki York is THE BODYGUARD, a woman trained as a blackbelt in the art of karate. She's been hired to protect Alana Manley from a crazy stalker. Unfortunately for Kaki, surveillance of the woman she's being paid to protect involves watching her have sex….a lot of sex. For Alana has an addiction; not to drugs or alcohol, but to men. How is Kaki going to be able to protect her client and keep away from her fellow guardian, James Kulick, at the same time? This story proves that sometimes watching is just as enticing as doing.

Princess Lily is one lucky girl. Her mother, the Queen, has provided her with several men of interest, and Lily is given a wonderful quest; she must choose three men, all of whom will attend to her sexual delights in any way that she chooses. Col and Ian wish nothing more than to pleasure their mistress; her pleasuring of them is but an added benefit. It is Grae, however, the man with the black eyes who holds himself back from her, that entices Lily and moves her to seduce him into loving her. With THE LOVE SLAVE, prepare to be aroused, by any and all of Lily's slaves.

SECRETS is a wonderful book, bound to get your blood flowing and your heart racing. After reading Volume 4, your only problem will be how fast you can rush out and grab the seven other available volumes.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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