Secrets Volume 9

Author: Bonnie Hamre, Kimberly Dean, Lisa Marie Rice, Kathryn Ann Dubois

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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These four stories comprise SECRETS VOLUME 9 which, in my opinion, is the overall best volume yet.  The stories are fast-paced with something in each one for those who believe in fantasies and who love adventure and suspense.  Some of the stories contain graphically written sexual scenes; however, they are very well written and flow easily into the stories.  This volume will join the other 8 on my keeper shelf.

In WILD FOR YOU by Kathryn Anne Dubois, fate brings together a modern day Tarzan and Jane.  This erotically written version of the jungle man and his Jane is unlike anything you've ever seen in the movies.  Mark Stanton was separated from his parents as a child and has grown up in the jungle under the watchful eyes of the gorilla.  Georgie, now twenty-six, has hopes the summer internship in the Congo will give her the credits needed to finally obtain her degree and give her access to her substantial trust fund.


Tarzan saves Georgia from some poachers and lays claim to her.  Together they embark on a wildly erotic journey of staying one step ahead of people looking for both of them.  Georgia works with Mark to get him speaking again.  She loves her time with him, but she wants to go home too.  Their separation makes you want to cry.


I found WILD FOR YOU totally captivating.  Georgia transforms from the spoiled young debutant into a woman in love and willing to make sacrifices.  Watching Mark's life being uprooted from everything he's ever known to being tossed into society was truly saddening.  Kathryn Anne Dubois wrote a tender story that makes you believe in fairy tales once again. 


In WANTED, by Kimberly Dean, the reader accompanies Danielle Carver on her wild journey of trying to stay one step ahead of FBI agent Jeff Reno.


Six months before, Dani worked as a computer programmer for a defense contractor.  It all ended the day she was accused of treason.  Unable to convince anyone of her innocence, she runs.


Jeff Reno, the FBI agent assigned to her case, has followed her across the country during these last six months.  He's gotten close several times; however, Dani seems to have a sixth sense about Jeff and stays ahead.


Their first meeting was explosively erotic.  Together, they join forces to put the real guilty party away.


I found WANTED a very good read.  The cat and mouse chase, the determination of both to put things to rights.  I hope to read more of Kimberly Dean.


SECLUDED by Lisa Marie Rice is a story of Nicholas Lee, a man with a dark and mysterious past.  A man who goes after and gets whatever he wants.  He's also a man with a powerful enemy.  An enemy who manages to destroy everything and anyone Nicholas comes to care about.  Nicholas wants Isabelle Summerby and devises a way to get her, if only for a very short while.  He purchases the note her father owes for over three million dollars.


Isabelle has worked her way through school and is now making money with her TV show.  She stops by for her usual Thursday visit with her dad and meets Nicholas there.  She has no idea that he father knows such a dark and mysterious person.  When Isabelle leaves, she tells her father where she'll be for the evening.  Nicholas follows her, concerned for her safety.  When she is attacked, he is there.  Nicholas takes her home and watches over her.  Kevin Morris, Nicholas' assistant, keeps them supplied with food while Isabelle recovers from her ordeal.


Little by little, Nicholas invades her space.  Coffee kisses quickly turn to him unbuttoning her granny nightgown and making a feast of her body.  Isabelle reveals that she's not had a man since college and Nicholas informs her that when she's ready, she will take him.


The spell that Nicholas weaves over Isabelle is electric and when she steals his heart, you want to cry.  Be prepared to continue reading this one until you finish the last page.  Lisa Marie Rice has written a wonderful story and I hope to read more by her.


FLIGHTS OF FANTASY by Bonnie Hamre offers the story of Chloe Atkinson, a photojournalist, and Yancy, the man who fell in love with her in college.  Yancy has become a wealthy and powerful man and conspires with her boss to have Chloe as one of the guests on his yacht for a week. 


Each guest has been handpicked and includes two men with whom Chloe has had affairs.  The rules for the week at sea are pretty straightforward.  No ship to shore communication, no quizzing one another about professions, lives, etc. and no emails.  Other than that, it's eating, drinking and dress if you wish.


Little, by little, Chloe learns that Yancy has planned this week around her and that he wants to be with her -permanently.


Bonnie Hamre has woven a story that grabbed my interest when I read the blurb on the back of the book.  The journey that Chloe takes is filled with erotic moments and flashes from her past.  The ways in which Yancy proves his love for this woman are astounding.  Imagine having the man who loves you provide the ultimate fantasy - a menage with your two former lovers, while he watches.  Wonder if there are real Yancy's out in the world.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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