Secrets on the Sand
By raonaid
Dec 9, 2013 - 2:30:00 PM

Amanda Lockhart was once known as Mandy the Magnificent in high school. She had been the most popular girl at Mimosa High, the head cheerleader, homecoming queen and even runner up for Miss Teen Florida during her teenage years. Now she is down-on-her-luck, in debt and recovering from a disastrous marriage. Amanda is reduced to working as a maid to earn income which is quite the turnaround for someone of her once illustrious status quo.

Zeke Nicholas’s nickname in school was Ezekiel the Geekiel. He was the math geek, nerdy and scrawny, Amanda’s polar opposite in high school’s status. Zeke had even harbored a secret crush for Amanda but never summoned the courage to confess his feelings. Their roles reversed, Zeke is no longer scrawny but physically built from time at the gym and a billionaire due to his math skills.

SECRETS ON THE SAND is the first book in THE BILLIONAIRES OF BAREFOOT BAY series, a spin-off from Ms. St. Claire’s BAREFOOT series. It made me smile and feel happily reminiscent when beloved characters from the BAREFOOT series made appearances in the story. Zoe and Jocelyn’s names were mentioned while Lacey had a more prominent role in the tale.

Usually I do not like reading novellas because I feel they are far too short, the story rushed to meet the requirements for novellas, and vital or important tidbits missing. However, I did not have those feelings towards SECRETS ON THE SAND.  The pacing of the novella felt similar to that of her full-length novels and nothing seemed left out.

SECRETS ON THE SAND is a light-hearted, sweet, feel-good read that had me sighing contently at the end. Roxanne St. Claire swept me up into the story and caused me to sympathize for Amanda’s plight without making her character annoying. I can see this series ranking right up there with her other books and awaiting for the next installment with impatience.

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