By Dottie
Jun 1, 2008 - 12:33:38 PM

Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Madden has been in love with Jefferson since the age of twelve.  However, she believes since he is eleven years older than her, he only sees her as a sister.  At least that is how he treats her.  She grew up with Margaret, her cold mother, who is more interested in advancing her career than in her own daughter.  Thoughts of Jefferson helped get Cassie through her adolescent years.  Therefore, when the opportunity arises, she leaps at the chance to become a nanny for Jefferson’s daughter Elsbeth.

Jefferson Ames, a widower, lives with his daughter and his elderly father Thomas.  Though known to be a structural engineer, Jefferson has secrets – secrets that helped get his wife killed.  He cannot put Cassie in that situation.  Everyone believes he is about to pop the question to Skylar, a snotty woman who competes with Cassie for Jefferson’s attention.  Unbeknownst to Cassie, he has kept tabs on her since he saved her life when she was twelve years old.  So, after three incompetent nannies, he is happy to hire her to be his daughter’s nanny – a nanny who actually loves his daughter.


Cassie has been Elsbeth’s nanny for a year now and has really turned them into a family.  It is after a chance meeting, during which she comes to the rescue of Althea Fairmont, the legendary actress who lives next door, that Cassie begins seeing strange occurrences in the neighborhood and even in her own household.  Things are not as they should be.  After all, why is a structural engineer sneaking out at night dressed in black and carrying a gun?  How does Althea, a recluse, know so much about Cassie’s household and the rest of the neighborhood?  Why is Jefferson suddenly paying attention to her?  So many questions - and Cassie is determined to uncover all the SECRETS.


SECRETS is a combination of a sweet, steamy romance and a well constructed mystery.  Readers experience Cassie’s frustration when she discovers answers to her questions that only lead to more questions.  The colorful secondary characters add depth and appeal to this tale.  With this beautifully written and skillfully plotted novel, Ms. Jude Deveraux proves once again why she has such a huge following of loyal fans.  Any book penned by this author is a ‘must have.’  SECRETS will keep you curious right up to the very end and is not a story to be missed!

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