Seduce Me

Author: Dahlia Schweitzer

Publisher: Avon Red

Release Date: July 1, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 RIBBONS

Format: Print

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SEDUCE ME is a collection of erotic short stories from author Dahlia Schweitzer. Several taboo sexual desires are explored and expressed here, from lesbian encounters to sex in public places, and the author’s language does not fail to jumpstart the pulse of the reader. Sexuality oozes from each and every page, from compulsive couplings in a taxicab, to a forbidden boss—employee affair in which every sexual contact is a conquest for sexual power, to a seductive and highly descriptive love letter. Each and every story is a small sampling of sexuality at its most uninhibited.

The thing that really got to me about this book is the depth of sexual seduction and utter empowerment the author conveys with each story. This books leaves you feeling as though it was you that experienced the seduction, you that’s been seduced. There are no inhibitions written here, or if they crop up, are swiftly smoothed away with nimble hands and tongues. Ms. Schweitzer has captured the very essence of seduction within this collection of stories, leaving the reader breathless and ready to play! There is something for everyone in this novel, and even some things you may never have imagined. The carnal delights are varied and unchecked, and written in an unabashed and delightfully decadent fashion. Think of this novel as “dark chocolate for the brain.”


Ms. Schweitzer also flexes her muscles as she takes on every sexual proclivity and viewpoint, from a young teenage boy being seduced by his older brother’s girlfriend, to a lesbian being seduced by an uninitiated straight girl. She handles each point of view with deft descriptions and interesting dialogue, giving each short story a different feel. Overall the effect is sensuous and exciting, and I highly recommend this book for lovers of “bedtime stories.”

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Maria

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