Seduce Me Anthology
By pamelalynne
Aug 3, 2011 - 10:30:44 AM

Lacey is having a really bad day. She comes home in time to catch her boyfriend of six months cheating on her. To make matters worse, he is cheating with her friend. Lacey is enraged. Why do all men treat her like dirt?! An unexpected visit from her best friend, Nick, lifts her spirits, but at the end of the day she is a little confused with the turn their relationship has taken. It seems Nick has some secrets he has been hiding that just may change their friendship forever.

Blade has the hots for Candice, a woman currently under his brother's employ. The only thing holding him back from asking her out is the fact that she seems so sweet and innocent, his polar opposite. When an incident causes Candice to have a panic attack, Blade wants to know why. Candice soon finds herself pouring her heart out to Blade and both are entering new territory before they even know it. Can Blade convince Candice he is the man for her, or will her past split them apart for good?!

I am new to contemporary reads, and I can tell from reading the anthology SEDUCE ME how much I have been missing. I am absolutely crazy about series romance of any kind, especially when it involves family members. SEDUCE ME delivers a double dose with stories about the siblings, Blade and Lacey. Lacey's story is TOUCHING LACE, and a hotter read I have not yet encountered. I truly enjoyed the connection between Lacey and her best friend, Nick. In TASTING CANDY, we get to see another side of Lacey's bossy older brother, Blade. He shows us that he can be more than just an alpha male. He is kind, considerate and very gentle with skittish Candice. Their story is very moving. Author Anne Rainey has a new fan in me.

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