Seduce Me
By Lacey
Oct 1, 2008 - 9:59:39 AM

Carissa has a seemingly perfect life.  She is studying for a degree in business and she is engaged to the most wonderful man.  However, after they move in together she starts to feel trapped.  When she should be enjoying her life with her fiancĂ©, she pulls away from him.

By chance, Carissa meets Charlotte and her lover Benedikte on a remote beach. They become instant friends and Carissa finds herself yearning to be more like her exotic friend, who freely acts on her desires.  Nevertheless, even free-spirited Charlotte has not been able to satisfy the craving in her soul for something more.


The two take a road trip, each searching for the one thing they cannot find.  The uninhibited journey eventually leads them to two different destinations.  Nevertheless, even that does not seem to hold the answers she wants.  Carissa is convinced she will forever be following Charlotte.  Will she ever be able to find the one thing she needs?


SEDUCE ME is a sensual tale of self-discovery.  Carissa and Charlotte are unique characters with a similar goal.  I enjoyed the interaction between the two.  For instance, how Carissa let her inhibitions go with Charlotte.  SEDUCE ME is an entertaining read that is perfect for a lazy Sunday.

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