Seduced for the Inheritance

Author: Jennifer Lewis

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Anna’s life is in turmoil!   In the past year she’s experienced bankruptcy, divorce, and now the death of her mother.   She’s literally flat broke and her childhood home, the place where she could always run for comfort, belongs to her mother’s employer, Robert De Leon.   Anna’s faced with cleaning out her mother’s things, trying to keep her failures a secret and battling her desire for Naldo.

Naldo De Leon is a proud man.   The De Leon plantation has been part of his family legacy for four hundred years and he means to keep the family name completely free of scandal.   That means covering up any hint of the ten year affair that his father, Robert, carried on with the cook, Leticia Marcus, Anna’s mother.   Only burying this family secret is turning out to be far more complicated than he ever expected.


After an emotional day of sorting through her mother’s possessions Anna is unkempt and not prepared to see Naldo.   He doesn’t recognize her and assumes that she’s been hired to clean out the cottage.   Naldo has his own reasons for needing to be able to go through Leticia’s belongings before anything is removed from the premises.   Family heirlooms his father gave to Leticia have to be somewhere hidden in her cottage and he intends to find them.   It isn’t until he hands her his phone number and makes the request that she come back tomorrow to complete her chore that he realizes that the woman he believed to be the cleaner is Anna.   He offers his condolences on her mother’s death and then mentions that his father died that morning.   He’d suffered a massive heart attack and managed to hang on for three days but there was nothing doctors could do to save him.   Anna is stunned by the news of Robert De Leon’s death, he’d always been such a strong indestructible force that it seems unimaginable for him to be gone.  


Two days later, Anna is present at Robert De Leon’s will reading.   Her mother’s long term employment with the De Leon family made her part of the select group who would be provided small legacies as a treasured employee of the estate.   Anna fully expects her mother’s bequest to be similar to the other employees – a monetary sum.   The last thing she expects is to be told that her mother was given her cottage and the ground on which it stands, as well as a book of recipes Robert and Leticia had developed together.   The De Leon plantation has never sold off or given away any parcel of the estate lands – until now!   Naldo is determined to entice Anna to sell her inheritance but he’s not above seducing her if he has to in order to obtain his goal.   Anna’s been in love with Naldo for as long as she can remember.   How will she react to learning that his interest in her is solely because of his desire to maintain the De Leon legacy and keep embarrassing situations from becoming public? Or could his seduction be more meaningful then she even dared to hope?


Jennifer Lewis’s SEDUCED FOR THE INHERITANCE is a captivating tale from the very first page.   I found Anna and Naldo’s relationship to be intriguing especially since they are very different from one another.   He’s almost regal and snobby with some of his mannerisms and Anna is simple and unassuming.   She gets quite a shock when she learns that her mother’s carried on an affair for ten years which she was completely unaware.   Anna and Naldo go toe-to-toe on several issues and I loved reading about her standing up to him.   This is a wonderfully heartwarming story complete with a little suspense to keep readers glued to the pages until the very end.   Beautifully written Ms Lewis!  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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