Seducing the Sheriff
By Jo
Jun 7, 2016 - 8:40:06 PM

SEDUCING THE SHERIFF (NOTMY1STRODEO.COM #5) is a quick-paced read at only one hundred and nine pages. Cass and Joe only know each other slightly, since he's the sheriff and she's the owner of a restaurant in town. But that changes quickly when she's at the bank during a robbery and has a gun held to her head.

Alward's SEDUCING THE SHERIFF has an interesting premise with a dating website for divorced people. Cass got out of a bad marriage with a cheating ex who still feels he should be part of her life, even though they are divorced. Although Cassidy set up her dating profile sometime after getting divorced, she didn't have any interest in going out with anyone she "met" on the site. But being on it did have several benefits that paid off in the end.

For a short book, there was a lot of action--especially surrounding the bank robbery and Cass's involvement. Cass and Joe have chemistry and begin to see each other in a whole different light once they are thrown together, but neither is interested in a relationship...or are they?

There are some steamy moments, but both run scared. Joe and Cass have protected themselves from relationships and love due to their pasts, but it doesn't stop Joe's sister from setting him up on one bad blind date after another! Alcohol seems to loosen Cass's tongue, and it's interesting what she unknowingly reveals when she's drunk and then doesn't remember. There's playfulness to the storyline, and Cass enjoys teasing Joe, especially about his blind dates.

The book ended too abruptly for me, although I enjoyed where the author took us. An epilogue would have given better closure since there seemed to be more story to tell. But all in all, SEDUCING THE SHERIFF is an entertaining read.

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