Seducing Simon

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: June 6, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Toni Langston is pregnant with Simon's baby. She's been in love with Simon for as long as she can remember. Toni dreams of having the American dream - Simon, his baby, a house. The only problem is Toni seduced Simon while he was intoxicated and he has no memory of ever sleeping with her. Toni fears she's made the biggest mistake of her life and has no idea how she's going to tell Simon that he's the father of her baby.

Simon shares a home with Toni and her brother, Matt, as well as their friend, A.J. The three men all work for the fire department and often have shifts together so the arrangement works perfectly. Simon is grateful that Toni was there for him the night that he discovered his girlfriend cheating on him. She'd kept him company while he drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Simon only remembers Toni's being there as a friend, he doesn't remember their lovemaking.

Toni doesn't really want to move from the house she'd shared with Matt, A.J. and Simon, but she's not ready for the guys to find out about the baby. They'll have all sorts of questions and will want to know who's the father of her baby. Since Simon doesn't even remember making love with her, how could she possibly tell them that he is the father? When she'd vowed her love for him, he'd called her by his cheating girlfriend's name just before he fell asleep. Toni's plans for moving out get sidelined when A.J. finds the positive pregnancy test in the trash in her bathroom. While Matt and A.J. are bent on uncovering the name of the father of the baby, Simon is more concerned with Toni's well being and he's experiencing a resentment towards whoever fathered the baby. It would be so much less complicated if he was the father. What will happen when Simon learns the truth about what really happened the fateful night?

SEDUCING SIMON is a compelling look at love between friends and the emotional roller coaster that Toni experiences while trying to get Simon to see her as more than just a friend. Compound that with pregnancy hormones and you're in for a wild ride that will have you experiencing all of Toni's emotions throughout this book. Simon is your all around good guy. The fact that he has no idea that he's the father of the baby kept me reading through the book in anticipation of that moment when Toni reveals the truth and what his reaction is going to be. Now I'm hoping for a follow up story for A.J. as well as Toni's co-conspirator on SEDUCING SIMON, Mike. He was kind enough to give Toni pointers on seduction techniques that had Simon drooling. Mike definitely needs a story too.

Maya Banks is a brand new author with her next book, COLTERS WOMAN being released from Samhain Publishing sometime this fall. From what I've read so far she'll definitely be an author to watch for. Beautiful job, Ms. Banks.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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