Seducing Sir Gwain

Author: Sheri Dare

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Release Date: July 31, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Denise Hopkins is playing with her friends on an Ouija Board one night when the board spells out his name and says that he had been her lover but she is his brother's wife. Denise can't believe what the board is saying but this was the first time it had ever talked to them this way. Can she believe what Gwain is saying?  When she goes to bed that night she does not think any more of it. But when she awakens she is in a strange room and in a strange time. Denise, now Davida is getting ready for her wedding day, but it is not to the man she was supposed to marry. Denise is a young woman again. High breasts, young skin, and tight curls where curls were suppose to be tight. Denise can't believe that this was not a dream. Denise is married to Charles of the McGowan Clan. He killed her husband-to-be right before her eyes and takes her away to his home. On arriving she learns that she is to have sex with Charles' brother Sir Gwain. Why wouldn’t her own husband make love to her? What could be wrong with him that he would let another man take his wife to bed?

Sir Gwain would do anything for his brother. When Charles asks him to be the one to make love to his new wife he agrees. Davida is a beautiful woman and Gwain is a hot blooded male. They hit it off at first site. Gwain feels there is something strange about Davida but he still wants her. Can he keep his distance from his brother's wife once she becomes with child? Gwain finds he is falling in love with Davida and he wants to keep her for himself. What could he do that would keep them together?


SEDUCING SIR GWAIN is a short and fun read with a twist. Sheri Dare has written a hot read which you will not want to stop reading until you've reached the end. The sex scenes are great and you will find yourself fanning yourself. What a way to find a lover by going back through time. Gwain and Denise find love in a different time but can the love find its way to the present?  Only by reading SEDUCING SIR GWAIN will you be able to find out.  Ms. Dare I applaud you for such a great book and hope to read more in the future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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