Seducing the Hermit
By claudette
Feb 1, 2012 - 7:48:25 AM

Deejay Valerie Percy, a city girl through and through, decides to move to a remote Alaskan Island where she falls for the perfect man, Fisher Chugatt. Or he would be perfect if he wasn't very clear about only offering her his body. Valerie isn't just a society girl, she's a woman willing to fight for what she wants - Fisher.

Valerie isn't surprised the pickings are slim in Alaska.  She came out there to work, not date, but her guide Fisher is not just fascinating, he's gorgeous, caring and everything she could want in a man.  But he is very upfront with the fact that he can offer her no more than sex.

The more time Valerie spends with him, the more emotionally involved she gets.  Somehow she has to find out why Fisher thinks they can't have a future together.

Fisher is a complicated individual who is beautifully characterised by the author. I found the setting for this novel as captivating as the characters.  Ms. De Mello has a deft hand with humour too, and this is an emotive and very sensual romance. I really enjoyed the way that the romance managed to include a serious subject without detracting in any way from the book's appeal. The novel also includes a host of colourful secondary characters.

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