Seduction on the Sand
By raonaid
Jan 9, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Francesca (Frankie) Cardinale is a goatherd. She raises and breeds goats for their milk and uses the milk to make fragrant soaps to sell. Frankie has experienced the misery money can bring. Her parents died when she was a teen because they needed to have more. Frankie made a deathbed promise to her departed grandfather that the property would remain in the Cardinale family.

Elliot Becker is a Stetson-wearing, Texan-drawling billionaire. He made his fortune from sheer luck of buying property and discovering it had a pricy stone called Goshen on it. As a child, his family moved around a lot, which taught him to behave like a chameleon, adapting to any role or situation to fit in.

Elliott's character and personality zinged with me. He became my instant favorite out of all of Roxanne St. Claire's characters.  Many times as I read his quips and antics, they made me smile or laugh. For all his swagger, talk and charisma, Elliott has a soft, sensitive and insecure side he never reveals to others.

Frankie differs from Roxanne St. Claire's previous heroines. She struck me as not your common run-of-the-mill strong and independent heroine. Frankie has a different sort of strength that I found admirable. Her spunk and snark make her fun to connect with.

What I like most are their interactions. It is so fun and lively.  The pacing of the book is similar to SECRETS ON THE SAND. It moves at a steady clip. I never got the feeling that it was rushed like I sometimes do with novellas.

SEDUCTION ON THE SAND is a playful and tenderhearted read. I really hated to see the book end because I had such fun reading about Frankie and Elliott's unconventional courtship. Roxanne St. Claire continues the trend that she established with the BAREFOOT series and SECRETS ON THE SAND. I believe SEDUCTION ON THE SAND easily surpassed its predecessor.

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