Seduction: A Black Door Novel
By Lacey
Jul 18, 2008 - 1:33:25 PM

Mason Anthony is the manager of The Black Door Two, a club catering to the younger, sexually uninhibited clientele rather than the elite Black Door where he used to work.  Mason loves his new job.  Sexy women seek his attention day in and day out, and who is Mason to deny them.  In his club, what a customer wants—a customer gets.

Terra Benson is a wealthy, prominent heiress who happens to wander into the Black Door Two with her best friend Lexington for a night out on the town.  There she finds Mason, a man who not only intrigues her but also arouses a need deep inside her.  With the risk of scandal hanging over her head, Terra must find a way to keep her private matters just that—private and Mason’s club offers her a possible way.

SEDUCTION is the second book in The Black Door series from author Velvet and hopefully not the last.  The characters are intriguing and the plot is flaming hot.  There’s something in SEDUCTION for everyone, whether it be the delicious men, the lusty prose or the secrets and lies.  A perfect read for a warm summer day.

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