Seduction's Spell
By Kerensa Wilson
Mar 28, 2008 - 7:36:05 AM

Belle is known for the gorgeous resort she runs: Belle On The Bend. Romantics everywhere pay weeks in advance for a chance at the magic the hotel has when it comes to uniting lovers. With a little help from her staff Belle is able to make the dreams and wishes of many come true. Yet, she’s begun to think that finding her own chance at love everlasting may not be so easy.

Mitch is supposed to write an article on the widely known resort Belle On The Bend. Except that when he sits down to write all he can think about is how beautiful Belle On The Bend’s owner, Belle, is. No matter what he’s doing she always seems to be on his mind. Having left the resort to early to finish his piece, Mitch decides he’ll have to return.  Though he’s supposed to be at Belle On The Bend for business his feelings for Belle makes this assignment all too personal. Article or no Mitch is determined to make Belle his.


Whether it’s a couple whose lost their spark, a model who can’t find satisfaction, or a man who needs to prove his wife means everything to him, Belle On The Bend works its magic.  Belle never worries about her guests finding happiness at her resort but when it comes to her own she’s started to give up hope. Waiting for a soul mate isn’t an easy thing for anyone to do especially when they have a secret like hers. She certainly didn’t count on Mitch coming into her life, stealing her breath away with every glance in her direction.


Lynn LaFleur knows how to create a world to escape to. Her characters are sincere in their emotions and desires, driving readers to turn page after page. Her pace is perfection. Each scene is built to satisfy, charm and delight.   After reading SEDUCTION’S SPELL I found myself wishing I could check in to Belle On The Bend. Ms. LaFleur’s SEDUCTION’S SPELL will seduce its readers by page one!

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