Seeing Forever (Perfect Pairing)
By Suzie Housley
Dec 1, 2013 - 3:18:50 AM

In serving for his country in Afghanistan, Luc Frasier lost his sight in a bomb attack.  Luc questions whether he is strong enough to be able to life in total darkness.  Thoughts of suicide run through his head, for he does not want to be a burden on his family.

Jake train’s guide dogs for a living, he recognizes that Luc is caught in a state of deep, dark depression.  He finds a German Shepherd he thinks will be ideal for Luc.  He also enlists the help of Katey Hopkins to work with Luc and his new service dog.

To ensure that Luc and Katey find comfort in each other’s arms, Jake enlists the help of Sadie Sutton, who is a witch and the owner of Perfect Pairing.  Sadie has an impressive record of bringing true love to the surface.  Will the spell she casts be strong enough to bind these two lonely souls together?

SEEING FOREVER is a wonderful constructed romance!  This is the first PERFECT PAIRING book that I discovered, but I had no problem figuring out how the series was constructed.  Ms. Devereaux does an exceptional job in showing how a wounded soldier finds comfort in the arms of a woman who can see past his disability.  How the two struggles to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from finding love and acceptance in each other arms is a very moving experience. 

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