Selling Forever
By Pamela Denise
Jul 1, 2009 - 7:35:57 PM

Cara Jones is a natural saleswoman, considered one of the top real estate agents in the area.  A real take-charge powerhouse, Cara is constantly involved in various negotiations and events. She was now in need of a man to be her entry for an upcoming charity auction. Going through her list of potential candidates, she immediately decided Richard Thompson would be perfect. She just had to come up with a sale angle to pitch to him. It didn’t at all hurt that her heart pounded every time he was near either.

Ever since Richard Thompson had become a self-made millionaire through his successful computer business, his phone rang off the hook. He dodged news reporters left and right, and declined numerous charities. Everyone seemed to want something from him. Why he had agreed to meet with Cara to discuss real estate and a charity auction, he’d never know. He would try to ignore the sparks she ignited in him whenever he was within her proximity.



The more they spent time together the more they realized how attracted to one another they were. Their personalities were compatible, but their lives were polar opposites. Richard wanted nothing to do with being in the spotlight and Cara was constantly the center of attention. Would either be able to compromise and hold on to forever?



Ms. Kimber Chin knows how told your attention in the fast paced story reminisce of the eighties.  Her characters’ personalities meshed well together, and the adage opposites attract, hit the spot for the protagonists. Her unique secondary characters only added to the enjoyment of the read. SELLING FOREVER definitely had me sold. Anyone would enjoy this sweet romance.

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