Semi-Sweet: A novel of Love and Cupcakes
By Sarah W
Sep 1, 2011 - 10:59:35 PM

Hannah Robinson is shocked when her boyfriend leaves her for another woman. Like the cliché, she never saw it coming. Not only does it devastate her personally, but it puts a very negative vibe on the opening of her new shop, Cupcakes on the Corner, in her small town of Clongarvin. She has sunk her savings into her new shop but can it be a success when Hannah herself feels like such a mess?

SEMI-SWEET is a story with multiple plotlines involving various members of the small community. Hannah is central to the story of course but Roisin Meaney writes with charm and wit about the characters and stories that make up this community. Adam is Hannah’s best friend and he has fallen in love with a woman who will barely speak to him, she is so shy. Patrick, Hannah’s ex, is not exactly being the best support to his current pregnant girlfriend. And those characters are just the tip of the iceberg. However, the multiple characters do not get lost in the mix and each storyline proves to be engaging, poignant, and appealing to read about. There is romance in this book, in multiple ways, though it is not a traditional romance book. Nonetheless, SEMI-SWEET is a truly charismatic story with characters that run the gamut from sweet and shy to arrogant and overly shallow. Just like in real life actually. Roisin Meaney has a truly made this town and its people come alive. This is an entirely pleasurable story to read!

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