Semper Mine (Sons of War)
By Suzie Housley
Nov 3, 2014 - 2:10:36 PM

Captain Sawyer Mathis's first commanding assignment was one that ended in disaster. He watched in horror, as four of his men were killed, and one left severely disabled. He felt responsible for the lives that were lost on that horrific day.

Katya Khavalov family suffered greatly the day of Captain’s Mathis’s failed mission. Both her twin brothers were under the Captain’s command. Mikael sacrificed his own his life to save the members of his team. Her other brother Petr, lost a leg.

At Mikael’s funeral, Katya meets Sawyer for the first time. She doesn’t hide her hatred for the man she feels responsible for destroying her family. Sawyer knows that Katya is using him as an outlet to aid in her grieving process.

When Katya and Sawyer find themselves teamed up working on a volunteer project together Sawyer knows that he will be a prime target for Katya’s sharp words. Will he be able to break through her hatred to show her that his brothers were not the only ones who suffered on that ill-fated day?

SEMPER MINE is a rollercoaster of emotions. Once you get on the ride, you are powerless to control how this story will affect you. Sawyer and Katya are two wounded souls, so in need of finding love to heal there wounds. How they work through the tragedy that brought them together makes for a very moving romance story.

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