Serve and Protect 6: Healing Touch
By Natalie
Jul 2, 2009 - 11:35:18 AM

Sarah is a widow. With her child grown and out of the house, she longs for someone to spend the rest of her life with but has given up on the concept of love.  She knows that at her age, the luck of her finding someone is slim, and so she has grown into ‘settling’ for what she can get.  On New Year’s Eve Sarah took a chance on Cooper Valley’s latest employee, paramedic Richard.  She was turned down. 

Richard misses his recently deceased wife every single day.  After all, he is the reason she died.  With guilt and misgivings and just plain wishing for solitude, Richard doesn’t allow anyone close.  No matter how much he desires Sarah, the woman who wanted him on New Year’s Eve, Richard refuses to take that last step.


The raging snowstorm outside has other plans for Richard and Sarah.  And those plans don’t include clothes. 


Sarah and Richard surprised me.  Their attraction was earthy and real.  It was explosive and loving.  I really thought that these two characters were perfect for each other. Both had wounds that needed to be mended and each was exactly what the other needed – one HEALING TOUCH at a time!



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