Serviced - Volume One
By Chris Mead
Mar 27, 2013 - 9:54:29 PM

While it isn’t within my scope to provide a narrative of each story, I have highlighted a few of my favorites here for you…

In FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY by Allie A Burrow, we find Kate Powell, who has been marking the days down on the calendar. It has been seven months and twenty-three days since she has seen her beau, Corporal Mark Butler.  Kate has taken to using her battery powered friend in his absence.  When Mark manages to get a night of leave, he surprises Kate for a rendezvous on a train that you won’t soon forget!  This super hot story was my favorite story in the book.  The drama unfolds in great detail and pulls on the heartstrings under Allie A Burrow’s deft touch.  If you only read one story in this book make it be this one because you won’t be disappointed!

In REDS, WHITES, AND BLUES by Micky J Corrigan, we meet eccentric character iris (spelled with a lower case i), and Graham who is on leave from the coast guard for the day.  The two meet at a park near the beach.  After sharing some small talk and a beer, the two get it on right there in broad daylight.  This turns an already exciting story into a passionate power house!  They say that good things come in small packages and that old adage sure holds true for this brazen story.

LEAVE TAKING by Angelica Dawson is the story of a married couple who have been parted for the last six months. When Will returns home he surprises his wife Dani while she is in the bathtub.  What happens next is a whole lot of making up for lost time.  This story will leave you needing a fan to cool off with!

MAJOR’S MINAH by Raven McAllan is a historical look at Lord Oliver Cantor and Wilhelmina (Minah) Sutterton.  Oliver is all in a snit because his mother wishes to marry him off to what he is sure will be a boring and priggish, prude of a woman of the ton.  When Oliver attends a ball at Almack’s, he runs into Minah who proves to be anything but prudish and boring.  The two escape the ball together and spend a ravenous night of carnal pleasure in each others arms. These two are destined for a happily ever after when they become engaged.  If you’re into historical romance, then this is the story for you.

KNOCK OUT by Natalia Petrovski is the story of Warrant Officer Ryan Wilson and Corporal Nicole Muchmore.  Nicole finds Ryan very unappealing until one day at the gym when the two are sparring, Ryan unrepentantly kisses her within an inch of her life. Afterward, Nicole can think of nothing but when he will do it again.  When Ryan Shows up at 1:30 am on Nicole’s doorstep the two engage in a night of passion so hot it burns up the pages.

This is just a sampling of five of the stories in SERVICED VOLUME 1;  the other stories are just as hot and are equally well written. All of the authors did a wonderful job of showcasing their individual style. The stories in this book will definitely warm your cooler nights and you just
might want to have your partner near by as you read, for your own little rendezvous.

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