Setting Him Free
By Tracy Marsac
Sep 7, 2005 - 11:06:00 PM

Danielle Radcliffe hates flying with a passion and her fear of airplanes is so deeply rooted even years of therapy are no help at all.  Unfortunately, traveling is a huge part of her job as Quality Control Manager for Exotic Resorts, Inc.  On her return home, Danielle looks around at the seven passengers sharing the death trap with her and locks gazes with the man across from her.  She takes in his haunted stare and the secret tragedy in his face before she notices the handcuffs securing him to his seat.  She wonders what he could have done before her attention is distracted by the flight attendant's anxiety.  She barely has time to assume the position before the plane crashes. Sadly, when Danielle comes to, she and the haunted stranger are the only survivors.

Taylor Bradford figures he's the only passenger who doesn't care whether they crash or not.  It will finally put an end to the two year nightmare that has left him weary and unwilling to go on.  Taylor tried to quit his career as a British assassin and collected top secret information to secure his future with his wife when she was murdered, his evidence disappeared, and he became the hunted.  His two year run has ended and Taylor is emotionally tapped and battle scarred.  Now for reasons he can't fathom, it's very important that Danielle survive and be rescued.  So Taylor uses his skills and makes them safe until search and rescue can locate them.  Taylor tells Danielle the shocking and brutal truth about his past and everything that brought him to being handcuffed to an airplane seat.  Danielle sees beyond the bare facts to the man afraid to reach for a happy ending for himself.  She only has two days to make Taylor believe in her love. 

Danielle knows any involvement with Taylor will be short lived and all she'll be left with are memories to feed her broken heart-unless he can retrieve the evidence implicating his superiors, making him untouchable and safe to have a future with Danielle.  Taylor will be walking into the lion's den but Danielle realizes that SETTING HIM FREE is the only way he can come back to her.  Alexandra Marell expertly uses every moment between her characters to connect them more intimately than sex has the power to since they only have a couple of days to fall in love.  A romantic and heartfelt story!

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