Seven Minutes in Heaven

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Lena Matthews

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Bev Navarro has done her very best to avoid Holden since the fateful night two years ago when a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven resulted in the destruction of more than ten years worth of friendship.   Their friend Shane Oxley’s birthday and his desire to have their close-knit group of friends together again is the only reason she’s stepping foot inside Holden’s house and putting her heart at risk.

Holden Lancaster has no clue what went wrong two years ago. The time they spent together in the closet was magical and then she suddenly bolted once the door was opened.   She’s avoided him ever since.   He’s hopeful that Shane’s birthday party will help mend their strained relationship.   From her reaction to his proximity though, that could be wishful thinking.


Shane’s been the driving force behind their small group of eclectic friends. In honor of him being first to reach the big three-o he’s demanded one night of them all together again just like old times - no dates and no excuses.   Bev figures she can paste on a smile and pretend she isn’t still hurting from Holden’s callous deception and pity make out session in the closet.   What she hadn’t anticipated was Shane’s gift giving reversal.   Rather than them bringing him gifts, Shane has gifts for his friends - ones that none of them will ever forget.  


Thanks to Shane’s gift of a stopwatch Holden and Bev realize that their time in the closet meant a whole lot more to each of them then they realized and Shane’s confusion over what went wrong is about to be revealed.   Will they allow time to run out on them or will they find new and exciting things to do thanks to the gift of a second chance?


Lena Matthews takes a teenage game and puts a very adult spin on it with her story SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN.   I found it very easy to empathize with Bev, especially after I understood what had originally upset her.   Holden’s obviously crazy about Bev and I found myself rooting for him to get her to open up and explain to him what he’d said that’d driven the wedge between them.   I especially loved that while Bev and Holden are the main characters, the secondary characters are just as fun and interesting.   It’s like watching an adult version of the Breakfast Club.   SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is the first book in the NAUGHTY GAMES series . . .   and I have to admit, I can’t wait to find out how the others fair in their relationships and with their gifts.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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