Seven Nights of Sin

Author: Lacey Alexander

Publisher: Berkley HEAT

Release Date: April 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Brenna Cayton has a mantra – she doesn’t need a man.  Newly divorced and still striving to make a name for herself on her own, she is approached by her boss at Blue Night’s records and given the opportunity of a lifetime.  Brenna is going to accompany world famous record scout, Damon Andros, to Vegas under the guise of being trained as a PR person.  What Damon doesn’t know is that Brenna is really there to keep him from getting into female trouble.  Easier said than done, because the only female Damon is getting into trouble with is her and she is enjoying every single minute of it.

Damon and Brenna begin a scorching hot affair mere days after their arrival.  They can’t keep their hands and lips off each other, and no matter where they are or what they are doing something sensual is going through their minds.  Brenna’s sexual fantasies come true, and while she knows this trip is merely seven days, she is unable to stop herself from falling in love with Damon.  Her true purpose of being in Vegas fades the longer she and Damon are together.  However, when Damon overhears her talking to their boss, all bets are off and Brenna finds herself alone once again.


I knew from the very first scene in SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN that I would find this book unlike any I have read before.  It could be a woman’s secret sex diary come to life.  Anything that Brenna wanted to try, Damon was right there with her.  Their desire for each other was apparent and smoldering hot.  Each new fantasy upped the ante on their feelings for each other and their sexual escapades would make even the most jaded blush. 


SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN by Lacey Alexander is erotic and decadent – but most of all, it is a love story of forgiveness and chances.  Each character had to take a chance on the other and the results are well written and just plain naughty.  I relished every word.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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