Seven Ways to Lose Your Lover
By Sarah W
Jun 15, 2006 - 11:48:00 AM

Shane Madison's life has gotten a little crazy lately. When Shane's boss convinces her to help her niece, Lizzie, breakup with her boyfriend Ben, Shane is reluctant to take the case. However, there's a big incentive for her to do it. Shane's boss has offered to make Shane a partner in the boutique and that's an opportunity Shane can't pass up. Unfortunately, she's a bit low on the funds needed, so, the Breakup Artist business is born! An ad in the newspaper, some business cards, and soon Shane's got a thriving (well, kind of...) business going. Unfortunately, her clients are definitely wacky. And then there's Lizzie. That breakup goes smoothly, or so Shane thinks.

When Ben Cameron finds out he's been dumped by the Breakup Artist, he vows revenge. Too bad he finds himself liking Shane Madison way too much. She's sweet, sassy, and funny. Not at all what he pictured the Breakup Artist to be. Can he go through with his plans for revenge when all he really wants to do is to get to know Shane? Will Shane continue her side business in the hopes of finally becoming a partner at the boutique? Or will she realize that being known as the Breakup Artist is not what it's cracked up to be?


SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER is like a dating-don't manual. Shane offers plenty of examples of how to drive off a man, but it's all done in a humorous and appealing way. Surprising, considering the lives she is toying with, but Shane is not heartless and wrecking relationships is not something she enjoys, even if she is good at it. I also liked how in the midst of all this breaking up, new relationships and friendships were being formed. It provided a nice contrast to what would otherwise be too dreary of a subject for female readers I think. Alesia Holliday really impressed me with the way she tackled the tough subject of breaking up. It's never easy and SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER certainly proves that. But Ms. Holliday also shows the amusing side of breaking up, the parrots who attempt to dump a boyfriend, and the endless laughs one can get from a really lame breakup attempt. Shane's sunny disposition and give it all you've got attitude give this story the necessary boost from facetious humor to genuine caring and support. The evolving relationship between Shane and Ben adds another layer of emotional intimacy to this story. I wasn't sure what to expect from a book titled SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER, but I do know that my expectations were greatly exceeded. With charming humor and bracing wit, SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER is a well-written and satisfying story that will certainly have you in stitches, with a few tears mixed in, by its end. Alesia Holliday proves that she's a voice to watch in women's fiction.

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