Seven Year Ache
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 4, 2008 - 8:54:30 AM

It’s been seven years since Rafe McCaffrey packed up his duffle bag and guitar and left the Montana and his best friend Jamie behind.   He’d been raised right alongside Jamie but Pop, Jamie’s father, never let him forget that he wasn’t truly wanted there.   He stuck it out until the night of Jamie’s high school graduation but by the following morning he was gone.   Now the down on his luck country crooner has found his way home but Jamie isn’t the same boy he left behind.

Jamie Crosby had been devastated when Rafe left.   Rafe had been his closest friend as well as his ally in the constant battle with his cantankerous father over the horse ranch.   More than anything, Jamie feels abandoned.   His feelings for Rafe went beyond friendship, but time and distance have pulled them apart and Jamie’s become cold and bitter - just like his father had been.   Jamie now owns the Lazy C, but just because he’s taken over his father’s ranch doesn’t mean he has to follow his legacy to the ‘T.’


Rafe isn’t sure what sort of reception he’ll receive when he finally returns to the Lazy C.   Things are bound to have changed but he hadn’t anticipated just how different the ranch would be - or his friend’s less than welcoming attitude.   Fortunately Aunt Cindy steps in when it looks like Jamie’s going to deny Rafe even a job on the Lazy C.  


Jamie’s not as much of a hard-ass as he likes to think. He’s allowed his resentment and hurt to overwhelm him but his caring nature toward animals and people tells a different story.   Ranch cook Lilah Montclaire has seen more than her fair share of pain and heartache and while she dreams of making a fresh start somewhere else, she’s become rather fond of the Lazy C and its owner.   Besides Rafe’s begun to win her over as well.   She’s seen the way Rafe and Jamie look at each other, is it just wishful thinking that they’d include her in their relationship?   Jamie, Rafe and Lilah all have past regrets but will they be able to find a way to heal their hurts together?


What an unexpected treasure Selah March’s SEVEN YEAR ACHE turned out to be.   This story is chock full of emotional situations, a little bit of suspense and loveable characters.   Rafe and Jamie’s friendship is definitely strained after so much time apart but when they would have thrown it all away the women in their lives, Lilith and Aunt Cindy, manage to get them to see the situation from a different angle.   This is a wonderful heart-warming story that will alternately bring tears to your eyes and then a smile to your face.

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